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LLumar CTX Series Films use Ceramatrix Advanced Technology to provide the best in heat and UV ray protection with a very important feature. This film protects without the potential for signal interference like other traditional films will. 

This means that the electronic devices used in your vehicle like: GPS Navigation, Mobile Phones, Radar Detectors, Keyless Entry and Security Systems will not be subject to signal reflection that could affect their performance.  CTX carries a National Lifetime Manufacturer's Parts and Labor Warranty. CTX is slightly higher in cost, however, especially in brand new vehicles is worth it. 


LLumar ATR Series Films combine style and performance. The superior heat rejection and UV ray protection from the Hot FLorida Sun is a must to preserve your car's interior and passengers.
Multi Layered Construction to provide maximum heat rejection. 99% Ultraviolet Radiation Protection.
Great durability for superior scratch resistance.  ATR also carries a National Lifetime Manufacturer's Parts and Labor Warranty.

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Soundcrafters only tint shades allowed by your vehicle's registered state's law.