The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

has just released a report that takes a

dim view on the performance headlights

in vehicles. Only one vehicle out of 31

tested earned a rating of “good” from the

road safety nonprofit organization, with

the bulk of midsize vehicles earning a rating of “marginal” or “poor.”

The results are even less dazzling when you take into account optional lighting packages, which pushed the number tested to 82. In a statement David Zuby, IIHS vice president and chief research officer said: “If you’re having trouble seeing behind the wheel at night, it could very well be your headlights and not your eyes that are to blame”.

Only the LED-equipped advanced technology package on the Toyota Prius V earned the IIHS’s acclaim!

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Back-Up Cameras allow the driver to view the area behind the rear bumper and see small objects that may be obstructed by the vehicle’s blind spots, or may not ordinarily be visible at all.

There are several different types of camera systems. for complete 360 degrees coverage. 

Lane departure warning and prevention systems use cameras to track the vehicle's position within the lane, alerting the driver if the vehicle is in danger of inadvertently straying across lane markings. Some systems use haptic warnings, such as steering wheel or seat vibration, while others use audible and/or visual warnings. Some systems cause the vehicle to actively resist moving out of the lane or help direct the vehicle back into the lane through light braking or minor steering adjustments.

NY Border Protection Agents Say This Guy Ran a Red Light, Dashcam Says Otherwise…

Lane Departure Warning

Blind Spot Monitors are sensing devices that detect other vehicles located to the driver’s side and rear. Audible and visual warnings are given when vehicles approach on either side of your vehicle preventing a lane change accident.   


Back-up Cameras

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Many of today's vehicles have significant blind spots making it difficult, especially when parallel parking.  Parking Sensors warn you with an audible alarm that beeps faster the closer you get to another vehicle. 

Detectors can be added to the rear and/or front of most vehicles.

LED Headlight Upgrades

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Parking Sensors

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Blind Spot Monitoring

Look at it this way:

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, what's the value of a video that can save you expensive litigation and insurance hassles? The story behind this picture had the officer misspeak the truth that the Dash Cam identified as a lie. 

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Very popular around the world, Dash Cams record your driving and are the best way to protect yourself from expensive litigation in the event the "other guy" starts to make up stories and there are no witnesses.