The three most  important parts of any sound system are: :speakers.                                              1.     1. Speakers   2. Speakers   3. SPEAKERS!

There are four categories of speakers :

                                                                      Tweeters, Mid-Range, Mid-Bass and Subwoofers.   Each of                                                                             these speakers are designed to reproduce the frequencies                                                                           of sound that are best represented by the size and                                                                                       characteristics of each.

                                                                      Every system design may call for any combination of these                                                                           speakers. For example: the most basic system may simply                                                                             use coaxial or triaxial speakers where the higher frequency speakers are mounted above the woofer. Component speakers (separates) will distribute the high and low frequencies to each speaker to give better sound dispersion and better realism. Subwoofers are speakers that are all too often associated with LOUD "BOOM" music, however, they are an integral part of any quality sound system. The objective for any quality sound system is to create a full spectrum of sound from the lowest to the highest frequencies across the entire audible spectrum. 

Speakers are rated in wattage, as many know, but there is more to it than that. Matching your speaker's to the correct power from an amplifier is essential to great sound. We hope that you find your way to visit us at Soundcrafters and get the benefit of our expertise. 

                                                You can buy the finest, hi-end equipment, spend a significant amount of                                                   money on electronics but if the installation is substandard, you may as                                                       well spit in the wind. Soundcrafters standards are very high. A unique                                                         benefit you have, as a Soundcrafters customer, is that our owner is an industry activist and also the former owner of a worldwide organization called "IASCA" (International Auto Sound Challenge Association). Affiliated in 34 countries, IASCA represents the standards of auto sound system design, evaluation and installation. IASCA sends members of our staff to various countries to perform training sessions in the field. IASCA maintains the rule book used in judging Auto Sound Competitions internationally. Soundcrafters adheres to those standards in every installation we perform and back all of our work with a lifetime guarantee against any fail of our installation. If you are curious about these standards of industry, you can download the rules for free at   

Digital Signal Processors

Auto Sound Fundamentals:  


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Double DIN


Wire and  Connectivity

Amplifiers do just that... they amplify the signal coming from source unit and make it louder and more dynamic. Your choice of amplifier is best made by  a Pro. Don't get confused in the array of specifications on equipment or trust the internet to steer you in the right direction. All too often we see customers buy too much power for their needs. Amplifiers and speakers should be carefully matched by wattage and speaker sensitivity specifications. 

Late model motor vehicles are rolling computers. It is imperative that installers have the experience to perform Installation. Gone are the days of the DIY-ers or getting your buddy to hook you up. Integrating aftermarket electronics systems takes experience, skill and even access to industry tech support. One wrong move and you lose a body control module, ECM, blow an airbag and worse yet, all of the above.

The Soundcrafters Installation team has a handle on the tremendous knowledge base required to approach modern day vehicles. As a company led by veteran industry consultants, we provide every answer to your questions regarding your purchase. We back up this consultation with a satisfaction guarantee. Our customers are our advertising; it is up to us to make it positively effective. This "Golden Rule" Marketing Model has served us well since 1978.  more than 80% of our customers come from recommendations.  

A DSP is usually the last step in building a system step by step, or the first step in designing the ultimate system. A digital Sound Processor is not for the faint at heart and certainly not for amateurs. DSP allows for us to tune the system to its most defined sound adjusting each speaker's frequency range and performance individually along with time / phase correction.

Hours can be invested in tuning your speakers frequency range. DSP allows us to adjust time alignment so that every sound wave hits you the listener at the same time even though each speaker is a different distance from  your ears. Phase correction ensures the optimum definition so that your speaker's sound waves do not fight each other as they "pressurize" your car's interior. 


Source Units

Single DIN

​​​This is the one component that most consumers think is the

most important item of the system.  WRONG! Certainly your system is completed by using an aftermarket source unit. Aftermarket source units are way better than factory for many reasons; the first of which is that they have pre-ampified outputs. Other functions like Bluetooth and AUX inputs are relatively standard in all aftermarket units we sell. 

If your system has power amplifiers to be installed, the pre-amp level  outputs provide for a much cleaner and more crisp sound when powering an amplifier. Factory units do not have pre-amp outputs. This is another  area of expertise that is required to choose the correct item. 

​Convenience features such as Apple Car Play and Android Auto, make the functionality of our source units limitless with Smart Phone integration. Send and receive text messages by speaking your commands Hands Free. 


Data Cars  -  The "DIY" Days Are Over!

Here is where a novice can really get burned. The quality of wire is paramount to the quality of your sound system. The transference of a signal through a substandard wire can make the best of equipment suffer. It is important to let a pro coach you on the correct size and grade of wire, especially amplifier power wire. Good quality wire and cheap wire can look alike, but you may find that cheap power wire has thicker insulation and less conductor which makes it cheaper. 

Basic systems require a good quality but basic cables, whereas HI end systems command more current. Again the need to talk to a Pro is essential. You may never know the difference unless you are informed.  That's our job.